Ohio Art Company

Founded in 1908 by Henry Winzeler, in Archbold, and moved shortly thereafter to Bryan, Ohio Art has permeated American culture for over a century.
Leaders in printing (lithography) on and stamping tin, the company built a business on wood-grain tin picture frames.
Toys followed. Perhaps your house had a top that would spin when a plunger was pressed repeatedly. Cars, circus attractions, animals, maybe a “Chinese Checkers” board? All were likely Ohio Art products.

Ohio Art Company - The BIg Ride

Despite those items’ ubiquity, the company may be best known for a collaboration with a French engineer, Andre Cassagnes, at the end of the 1950s that became the Etch-a-Sketch.
Ohio Art sold the Etch-a-Sketch line in 2016, but remains at the forefront of tin lithography manufacturing, still in your home if you use Altoids mints or drink Coca-Cola.

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