Muller Freres

Muller Freres, or The Muller Brothers, was the name for an advanced glass workshop intertwined with other glassmaking concerns between 1858 and 1936.

The height of innovation and craftsmanship came from Luneville, France, in the mid 20s. Desire and Henri were part of a family of glassmakers that also oversaw the much larger Croismare glassworks.

Whereas the Luneville salon was pushing every experimental boundary in engraving, layering and cermamics, Croismare was producing the pieces that could be replicated on a larger scale.

Art Deco styles varied widely at Luneville, since they were exploring many new designs for factory production in Croismare.

Henri Muller died in 1936 and the Luneville works ceases activity. Desire would continue on a very small scale, working with his son, Georges, until his death in 1952.

Musée des Beaux-Arts et de l’Ecole de Nancy -La collection Muller Frères